Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Sorry, But I'm On Thai Time...All Day Errdayy" THAILAND!!!! (Bangkok and Koh Samet island)

The one and only, Bangkok. Not a bad sunset skyline

 Thai food! (My favorite food in the entire world.)  This is pineapple rice with prawns, and a Mai Tai to wash it down.  The six of us had our fair share of delicious pad thai during our trip. We also consumed a massive amount of fresh fruit, smoothies, and pina coladas...YUM.

Where "The Hangover Part 2" was filmed!  The scene when the helicopter lands on the hotel roof top and the Asian man is found guilty.

Bradley Cooper sat on these steps, ladies and gentlemen.  Charlotte (Emily's friend, also from SLU, who is studying abroad in Thailand) and I contemplated whether or not we should sit on every step, in the hopes to possibly be graced by his presence (which has been absent from this location for more than a year.)  HA HA

My lil' friend the Python, who's not so little.

The Elephant reserve an hour and a half outside of Bangkok.

 So excited I was almost screaming.  Nicole and I rode this girl together, and it started down pouring during the ride, but we loved it!!! Our guide was laughing at us because he didn't understand why we welcomed the rain and why we kept screeching with excitement and fascination.  The rain was a nice break from the 102 degrees F weather that day..

 One of the top three wisest creatures to roam this planet.

 Smoking something (hmm..) on his friend's back.  We got the impression that the elephants were treated quite well at this reservation
 A baby CHANG! "Chang" means elephant in Thai.  I was attempting to communicate with him...couldn't help myself.
 The King's Palace, which we could not enter because the King was actually there that day.  A bummer that we couldn't go in, but I thought it was neat the King was present!

"Jia You, Jia You!" Keep going!  We cheered on the runners for a good hour.  This guy was great, all decked out and loving the run.....THE NINE HOUR ULTRA MARATHON with over one hundred participants! Women and men, old and young, running in the 98 degree weather.  I was so impressed.

 A doggie cart full of cold water and fruit

 KOH SAMET!! The most beautiful island I have ever seen and explored.  #Seasfordays
 Lambo! One of the many dogs on the island - almost all of which were stray - but, Lambo had a collar.  Reminded me of Bago, so naturally, I had to find a stick and play.
 Stare down.  Dinner on the beach every night!

 One of my favorite parts of Koh Samet: the Fire Dancers (I prefer to call them fire crackers)  About twenty of them would perform every night on the beach, in the water, and on stage, and each night the show got more intense and more impressive. They were all about 5foot7inches or under, extremely fit, a bit crazy, and somewhat cocky.  Playing with fire requires a lot of confidence though, and a love for fire....pyromaniacs!?!?
Nicole and I could not resist - we talked with them many times and they had pretty good english.  They were quite the jokesters!

 The other side of the island, which only required 1 kilometer of walking to find

Look Ma, I sprouted a palm tree!

 (I apologize Mom and Dad, in advance) but I had to include this.  A good ole' St. Lawrence "icing,"  thanks to Charlotte and Em.
 Inside was a cave that we explored!

 One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen
 There is a man in the middle of all that fire...in water, with a whole lot of kerosene.

 Coconuts straight from the palms
 McDonald, possibly the most globalized (plastic) man on our planet Earth.
A Thai specialty.  Sticky rice, with sliced mango and coconut milk drizzled on top.  

Our fourteen-year-old snorkel guide! He dove down to retrieve this sea urchin.  #stud

I only have about three weeks left in Asia and I have a feeling that time is going to fly by.  I still want to explore more of Shanghai and I hope to hike China's famous Yellow Mountain (HuangShan) this weekend.  However, I need to keep in mind that finals are coming up and I have a few big papers to write. Sometimes I wish "study abroad" was just abroad without the study part!  There is so much to see and so little time!

This may or may not be my last blog post, depending on how busy I am about to be after this Spring Break.

Thanks for exploring my blog!

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