Saturday, March 9, 2013


                                              Captain Mao statue on ENCU campus
                                   This little one kept coming back....a bball player in the making!
                                      "Baozi" for breakfast. rice dough and vegetables inside
                                                    "Seek truth, foster originality...."
                                         Found a Lambo and a Bentley in suburban Shanghai
                                                   Exterior "Rainbow Mansion" artwork
                                                Interior "Rainbow Mansion" artwork
                                                   This little one......
                                          This one is self explanatory. 饺子 at its best
                                         Some Rottweiler pups owned by three adorable Belgium kids
    The pool out back on an 85 degree day.  This is a mansion designed and owned by the first international Chinese model ever.  Her name is Rainbow.....

Friday, March 1, 2013

                                                    Ellen's Bar. China goes hippy
                                         On campus gazebo

                                                    THERE ARE PALM TREES IN SHANGHAI <3
                                                    Inscribing "ST.LAW.U" with apartment key....
                                                   Yesterday's breakfast.  The gray drink is bean juice, very interesting,                   but good!
                                                   ECNU campus canal
BIG CITY LIFE!!!! I am loving it so much here in Shanghai!  My family (40 yr old "Mama" 46 yr old "Baba" and a 14 yr old brother,"Peng Kang") is welcoming and sweet and I am very lucky.  They tell me everyday "my home is your home" 我的家是你的家。 Classes start on Monday and Nicole (a SLU friend) and I are going to Pudong Monday night to find a frisbee team of ExPats to join....  Considering how much food I have eaten in the last week...exercise is much needed!

Here are some pictures of Shanghai, my school (ECNU) campus, The Bund, food, and a taste of the phenomenal nightlife!
                                          The Bund
                                          The Peng family's cousins
                                          Pearl Tower!
                                                    REAL tea 茶
                                                    Fresh food markets every day