Friday, March 1, 2013

BIG CITY LIFE!!!! I am loving it so much here in Shanghai!  My family (40 yr old "Mama" 46 yr old "Baba" and a 14 yr old brother,"Peng Kang") is welcoming and sweet and I am very lucky.  They tell me everyday "my home is your home" 我的家是你的家。 Classes start on Monday and Nicole (a SLU friend) and I are going to Pudong Monday night to find a frisbee team of ExPats to join....  Considering how much food I have eaten in the last week...exercise is much needed!

Here are some pictures of Shanghai, my school (ECNU) campus, The Bund, food, and a taste of the phenomenal nightlife!
                                          The Bund
                                          The Peng family's cousins
                                          Pearl Tower!
                                                    REAL tea 茶
                                                    Fresh food markets every day


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