Saturday, March 9, 2013


                                              Captain Mao statue on ENCU campus
                                   This little one kept coming back....a bball player in the making!
                                      "Baozi" for breakfast. rice dough and vegetables inside
                                                    "Seek truth, foster originality...."
                                         Found a Lambo and a Bentley in suburban Shanghai
                                                   Exterior "Rainbow Mansion" artwork
                                                Interior "Rainbow Mansion" artwork
                                                   This little one......
                                          This one is self explanatory. 饺子 at its best
                                         Some Rottweiler pups owned by three adorable Belgium kids
    The pool out back on an 85 degree day.  This is a mansion designed and owned by the first international Chinese model ever.  Her name is Rainbow.....

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